Protecting Your Family

Sarah B.

Alex helped me through my divorce and has continued to help me with issues that have come up. He is very level headed and encouraged me to stay focused on not getting caught up in all the emotions that a divorce entails. He is very easy to relate to, focuses on the task at hand and is also not afraid to fight for you. I would highly recommend him!!


Alex Spalding assisted me in my adverse possession case. He was professional, courteous, and always prompt in dealing with all the paperwork and returning all calls and emails. Mr.Spalding really took the time to make sure we knew and understood all the details of the case and what our options were at all times. We were able to proceed through the case by offering settlements and finally agreeing on a settlement all with his assistance. It all went very smoothly with his aid. I am very grateful that I decided to seek his legal counsel rather than go it alone with my small claims case. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr.Spalding to anyone that is needing a lawyer for their legal needs!

Brent F.

Alex Spalding what can I say we got everything we asked for in court he is affordable flexible and kind . He made going through a bad thing not so bad .I highly recommend him. And Alex if you ever read this thank you for helping me get a new start on life.

Jeff M.

Mr. Spalding is a superb attorney. He represented me in a custody battle involving an ex-spouse who was irrational and extremely difficult to deal with. The case took over a year to resolve - through no fault of Mr. Spalding. He provided excellent advice that allowed me to retain joint custody, instead of taking the case to court where (through the vagaries of Oregon law) it would have been necessary to yield full custody to my crazy ex. He is a patient and practiced negotiator, is familiar with the personalities and tendencies of the courts in Marion and Polk Counties, and is clearly well respected by his colleagues.


Alex was my attorney on my second go with custody stuff regarding my son. The first attorney I had left me unhappy and with nothing I asked for. Finding Spalding & Wood was truly a blessing. Alex saw how difficult my case was but agreed to help me out. I got just about everything I asked for and he really put his foot down on things that neither of us agreed on. He was my backbone in a situation I hadn't had one for. It was nice to finally have someone fight for me and my son. It has almost been a year since trial and when issues come up I give them a call and they are more then willing to help me out. I am truly grateful for everything that they have done for me! I would definitely recommend going to them for your Legal needs!