Immigration and Citizenship


We can assist you in most of your immigration issues, including bond hearings, deportation, citizenship and visas.

Bond Hearings If you or a loved one have been detained, you have a right to a bond hearing before the executive Judge. Not only does this reunite you with your loved ones and your life - but pusuring your larger immigration case will be easier and more efficient when you are not detained. Our office will prepare oral argument, a legal memorandum, and a packet of exhibits to support a fair bond and release terms.
Deporation Deportation hearings can impact your right to reside in the United States, as well as what happens if you are removed. We can assist you in preparing the best defense and maximizing your chances of winning your deporation hearing.
Citizenship We can help you research your best avenue to pursue citizenship, and properly submit the necessary forms and evidence.
Green Card/Permanent Resident Card A green card is often the first step to establishing a life in the United States without a fear of removal. Our office can assist you in researching the ways you qualify, and obtaining your green card.
Visa There are numerous options for visas to visit the United States. We can help you plan ahead.